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Beauty sensation: fresh juices in cosmetics

Right now you are witnessing the beauty revolution. Just pour fresh juices into shampoos, preserving their freshness and vitamins? You will say it is impossible! But not for IO.Clinic!

At first glance, there is nothing complicated in adding fresh and natural juice of berries, fruits, and vegetables to cosmetic products, but in fact, it is not. The biggest difficulty is to preserve the freshness and all the natural benefits of the juice for a long time - for the entire shelf life of the product, since the time of using regular shampoos, for example, is about two years. That is why the option of producing a regular shampoo is not an option.

Through extensive research, the IO.Clinic team has not only found a way to preserve the freshness and properties of natural juice but also combined it with powerful product formula.

How it started? 
IO.Clinic became the first manufacturer in the world that has been starting to add fresh juices to shampoos, rather than extracts and preservatives. Imagine for a second that you vitaminize your hair with natural juice, which is always at hand. How do you like it? It sounds like a dream that comes true right here and now, isn’t it?

For centuries people have been using natural vegetables and fruits to maintain the health and beauty of their bodies. A great while our creators were asked to combine modern beauty products with fresh juices. 

For more than two years, IO.Clinic's scientific team has been developing this unique technology by creating, researching, and testing different options. Finally, after numerous tests and inspections, they fulfilled our common majestic dream. IO.Clinic received a perfect formula with organic fresh juice for beauty products.

IO.Clinic takes fruits, berries, and vegetables from EU organic farms and uses them as the main raw material - not less than 30% - for special products. To enrich a product with fresh juice is made possible by special packaging that is eco-friendly, as well as by unique ionization process and special oxygenation of the whole formula. The shelf life of these vitamin-rich cosmetics is up to 10 years.

What do fresh juices give? 
Fresh juices cover the vitaminization and energizing you should get, help to improve cell blood circulation and their active nutrition. This is a natural source of micro and macronutrients. Fresh juices contain various valuable vitamins, including vitamin C, A, B, E, tannins, minerals, polysaccharides, salts and other components which help to maintain the health of your hair and skin.

IO.Clinic Blackcurant shampoo and cream conditioner promote skin moisturizing maintaining healthy skin and protecting your hair against adverse environmental factors and damage at high temperatures. Without an additional effort, every hair wash gives vitality to the scalp and makes the hair elastic by improving the keratin scales of the hair stronger. 

The most valuable gifts of nature are always in your hand. Due to powerful active formula, precious metals ions and active oxygen, IO.Clinic beauty products provide an effect from the inside out. Explore the world of IO.Clinic FRESH JUICES beauty collection (link). 

Don’t miss your beauty. Switch to ions.