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How can Gold Ions-based therapy help your hair growth?

Gold has a long history as a therapeutic agent for rejuvenation and treatment of various ailments. Our ancestors from ancient Egypt and China were well aware of the properties of this precious metal and used it for the benefit of their beauty and health. Today, scientists have proven that gold is not only effective in medicine but also has the ability to treat problem areas of the skin and hair.

Where unexpected hair thinning starts
More and more people are showing interest in anti-aging therapy for psychological and aesthetic reasons and they are looking for ways to restore once healthy and thick hair. This does not threaten human life, but significantly reduces self-esteem and quality of life due to social stress. Hair loss or thinning is a common problem associated with dysregulation of the hair growth cycle resulting from aging, nutritional imbalances, changes in hormone secretion, stress and genetic factors. 

Gold ions are actively involved in healthy epidermal cell division and hair growth. Korean scientists¹ conducted an in-depth study and proved that gold can be a potential alternative therapy for hair loss and follicules strengthening. The right amount of ions can act as second messengers, stimulators for stem cells proliferation, and as a booster for the immune system. 

There are many various hair growth products on the global cosmetic market, but they only give a temporary effect, and hair loss may resume after discontinuation of use. The situation is quite different with gold-based therapy. Recently, scientists reported that gold thread implantation promotes hair growth through the regulation of anagen-associated growth factors and activation of the proliferation of hair follicles. Thus, gold particles should act on the cells from the inside, and not from the outside. But how can this be achieved? We have an answer.

Gold-based therapy - from past to future

During previous years, one of the main trends was the gold-infused skin-care products. We bought and tested some of the products enriched by 24K Gold or Gold Nanoparticles, but the result left much to be desired. IO.Clinic GOLD shampoo and conditioner are not about that at all, because Gold Ions we use has a different origin and penetration power which are not equivalent to 24K Gold or even Gold Nanoparticles. 

All existing things in and out of us consist of ions. And not simple ions, but charged. Exactly charged ions have incredible value for the human body. These easily penetrate into the pores, improving the cell inside because the health of our skin and hair, as well as our general well-being, depends on the health of each cell. 

What about real results?

Charged GOLD ions help to dissociate erythrocytes, thereby improving oxygen transport in the cells. Ionized by GOLD shampoo and conditioner is the most efficient solution for lifeless, dull, and tired hair. Our scientists developed it in order to revitalize your hair and help to saturate the scalp with new energy, remove waste and dead cells. Ionized by GOLD haircare products increases the protective cell barrier and restores a healthy hair structure.

The research showed the penetration of gold into the cell activates the production of collagen¹, thus slowing down the aging process, and can also increase the number of hair follicles and enhance hair growth due to the regulation of the expression of fibroblast growth factors.
Ionized by GOLD formulas promote active renewal, recovery, and full assimilation of nutrients. Cells regenerate from the inside out, and the skin becomes healthy by strengthening its natural defenses. 

Moreover, long-term studies show that all processes in our body are strictly adjusted, so the body will take for restoration exactly as many ions as it needs, and the rest will be safely excreted. 
Wake up the power of your beauty. Switch to ions.

¹ - Research of gold-based therapy results made by Korean scientists