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Everything is made of ions

In the hustle and bustle of similar days, we rarely think about what we breathe, what we eat, and how our body feels. The importance of everything that surrounds us cannot be overestimated.

The Universe, nature, human beings, and animals - all of us are made of ions and atoms. During breakfast, reading a book or while driving a car, real chemical laboratory functions in our body. Ions of gold, platinum, silver, zinc, sulfur, cobalt, sodium, chromium – each cell contains these and other elements ions for its full functioning. In other words, each ion is like a brick that builds cells of every living being.

The highest concentrations of charged ions are found in the cleanest corners of the Earth. Charged ions appear naturally in the clean air around waterfalls, on the ocean surf, and widespread in mountains and forests.

Ions may open door to a new level of life
There are numerous beneficial results charged ions perform. Right amounts of ions can act as second messengers, stimulators for stem cells proliferation, and as a booster for the immune system.¹ Ions are used to absorb cancer cells, as a mechanism to stimulate cells by acting on them directly or indirectly through fluids.² 

In a word, ions help us maintain our health and beauty for years by neutralizing free radicals, purifying the blood, revitalizing cell metabolism, keeping in balance the autonomic nervous system, and regulating healthy sleep and proper digestion. In addition, ions are a well-known bactericidal activity due to penetrating inside the deep structure of the skin.¹ 

Charged ions help to dissociate erythrocytes, thereby improving oxygen transport in the human body. This leads to the strengthening and restoration of the whole immune system.

IO.Clinic products are enriched with Gold, Platinum, and Silver ions to become a helping hand for your inner health and outer beauty.

Reach a new level of life. Switch to ions.

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